Policy Brief 07 - Implementation Of e-Government in Indonesia, What Is Necessary?

Maria Lauranti • Eka Afrina Djamhari • Anggara Yudha Zunivar
Policy brief Perkumpulan PRAKARSA • Oktober 2017 Indonesia • Malaysia • Singapura

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(English, 4 pages)


Corruption Perception Index (CPI) year 2015 placed Indonesia on 88th out of 168 countries measured scoring 36. The score improved by 2 points that improves 19 positions compared to the previous year. Indonesia is far behind its ASEAN partners like Singapore (CPI Score 86) and Malaysia (CPI Score 50). This is a sign that Indonesia is still fighting against corruption. The chance for corruption is high when practices of transparency, accountability, and participation don’t guide the governance process.


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