Pengaruh Faktor Demografi Terhadap Resiko Gizi Buruk Pada Tiga Komunitas Di Sumatera Barat

Wiko Saputra • Rahmah Hida Nurrizka
Working paper Perkumpulan PRAKARSA • A─čustos 2013 Endonezya

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


This study discussed the problem of malnutrition at three communities in West Sumatra, namely; urban community, fishery community and farming community. Data of this study were obtained by doing field study toward 572 families which were selected or chosen by using purposive random sampling technique. The result of studying on the evaluation of the status of nutrition of children under five years. Showed its implication. (1) There were still many children under five years who have malnutrition in West Sumatra. (2) Poverty and the level of education of parents were main factors making less than five years children have malnutrition. This polemic becomes complex when the intervention of government for the poverty is weak so that poverty especially at fishery, urban and traditional farming community is not able to bring change on the welfare of society and this has implication for the existence of malnutrition for under five years children. In this case, systematic effort is needed to integrate the program for overcoming poverty and program for providing food in order to be able to minimize the risk of malnutrition in society.





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